I start every project by trying to find its soul and its story. It helps write the lifestyle and connect the clients wish list to the possibilities. I LOVE being part of transformations that is why I love the magic of virtual design; I design it before we even swing a hammer. Its amazing powers are not just a look into “what could be” but “what will be”! We create concept drawings that make decision making a breeze and changing a floorplan a joy, because we make it happen on the computer. This means, changes are made on blueprints and drawings not actual building material. I’m crazy passionate about this, so much so that I invested a lot of time and funding into software to be able to create interior and exterior virtual architecture. Check out the HAMPSIRE HOUSE it was easy to build for the client, due to VIRTUAL INSPIRATION


Show your property furnished rather than empty. Furnished and styled homes feel loved and have a soul. It’s a must-have selling feature and a big helper when buying a home. In these crisis times when nobody can get in the front door, you can show and inspire the possibilities. We have a whole segment on Virtual Staging. The intention is to create emotion and transmit possibilities that speak to all, regardless of language. EASY VIRTUAL STAGING

Virtual imaging for Builders and Developers that have very little to do with furniture. I learned a lot from my uncle who built apartment buildings. He co-created my tips for builders highlighting what you need besides building. Not only can a builder show the entire building finished years before its built, but he also can start selling condos and lease space long before its built. With the right marketing and virtual design, it is a piece of cake like in this project MCCALLUM.

Virtual renovating for Homeowners – possibly one of the most challenging decisions you will ever make in your life is when you renovate your home. Usually the Interior Designer or Architect gave you drawings. It’s then the questions start about tiles, doorknobs, flooring, kitchen cabinets. Your head will start to spin when you look at websites like PINTERESTand Houzz and cannot get a grasp because there is so much to figure out.

We call it the crossroads confusion. You either dive in and make a million decisions or you create a virtual photo of what the finished design looks like – kitchen cabinets, door frames, furniture and all. You will save your marriage and your sanity. You will feel relieved when you see your finished renovation and all you have to do is change the lighting in the PHOTO not the actual ceiling.
THE VIRTUAL WORLD BRINGS US TOGETHER anywhere anytime. If someone would have suggested “unplugging” a year ago we would have thought, they are crazy. Challenge brings change and change makes us better. Each phase is unique with its own Aha moment and adds a new pearl in the string of awareness.

Remember to have fun planning and be inspired by the process!
If you have any questions about how you or your clients can add value to a home through home improvements, please reach out to me at or give me a call at 778-868-042