Uta Nagel

Uta Nagel, the founder and creative director of UTA NAGEL DESIGN, is a highly-skilled and respected professional in the field of Interior design and Architectural 3D rendering. Her firm is known for creating visually stunning and highly realistic images that effectively communicate the design intent of architects, builders, and realtors.

These photorealistic images allow clients to envision the final product and help them make important design decisions. Uta and her team utilize the latest technology and software to create realistic and detailed images that accurately represent the proposed design, whether it’s an interior or exterior view.

With her extensive experience in Interior Design and expertise in architectural 3D rendering, Uta is able to bring even the most complex designs to life and create compelling visuals that help her clients sell and promote their projects. Her motto is simple: “A photo is worth 1000 meetings”

Michell Charban

A true expert in the finer details, Michelle is relentless in her pursuit of functionality and meticulous examination of every aspect of your space. She leaves no stone unturned to guarantee a seamless execution and a triumphant result. While continuously refining her talents and staying up-to-date with the latest design trends, Michelle remains firmly grounded in her practical approach. She is wholeheartedly committed to ensuring that you maximize the value of your space investment.

In 2005, Michelle earned her degree in Art and Design from Emily Carr University. As a native of Toronto, she brings a delightful sense of humor to her work and holds a passionate enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle, as well as a profound connection to her family and home in Vancouver, which serves as a constant source of inspiration. But her interests extend beyond design; she’s an avid lover of animals and nature, and she dedicates lots of time to both.

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